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People are talking about Duromine, so we wanted to take a much closer look at the ingredients, side effects, price and availability. After reading through hundreds of forum posts, online discussions and reviews, we gathered all the information and summarized it to tell you the real story of how does Duromine work.

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Duromine: What is it, and how does it work

Duromine is probably the most useful and sought-after obesity drug available on the pharmaceutical market of Australia. Duromine combines well-understood risk factors, many years of experience (over 60 years of use) and the most effective principle of weight loss — creating a negative calorie balance due to suppressing appetite.

Losing weight requires a great effort and takes much time.

Learn three amazing facts about Duromine before selecting your treatment method.

  • The average weight loss is 8.1 kg.
  • The average reduction in waist circumference is 7.2 cm.
  • The chances of losing weight by 10-12% are 13.3 times higher than those of people who don’t use slimming tablets.

Always follow only successful and proven weight management strategies. It will help in improving health and loss of fat.

They prescribe capsules of Duromine for men and women. The lower age threshold for starting medication treatment is 12 years, and the upper age threshold is 65 years.

Important information: you shouldn’t use Duromine for a long time. Usually, the standard treatment course is up to 3 months. A doctor should approve a decision on continuing diet pills after this period!

Despite the drug’s clear benefits, you have to take responsibility for your behaviour. Lifestyle changes are a must to reach your ideal target weight.

What does Duromine do

This type of drug (anorectic) makes your brain believe that:

  • Your stomach is full.
  • You are not hungry.

Appetite suppression is due to effects on the dopaminergic and noradrenergic nervous systems.

What is Duromine used for? It helps you feel full faster and control your appetite between meals. By reducing calorie consumption, you can start burning fat fast, including in problem areas.

Also, according to proven clinical data, Duromine can:

  • Improve energy level.
  • Increase energy consumption at rest.
  • Improve mood.

And it means you can get even more benefits from treatment.

Duromine dosage differences

What mg does Duromine come in in terms of Phentermine?

You can buy Duromine capsules in three dosages on the market. Due to differences in Duromine dosages (15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg), it is suitable for people with different degrees of obesity, different relapses and different health.

Duromine 15 mg

It is the lowest dose of Phentermine-containing weight loss capsules. The effectiveness of Duromine 15 mg is clinically proven.

  • Minimum dose.
  • Gray-green capsules.
  • Imprint: “DUROMINE 15”.

The dose gives additional advantages over a 30 mg dose as it has fewer side effects.

Duromine 30 mg

It is the most popular and most available dose in Australia. It is the most suitable and commonly used starting dose.

  • Medium dose.
  • Gray-brown capsules.
  • Imprint: “DUROMINE 30”.

The dose provides steady appetite suppression at the beginning and throughout the treatment of excess weight or obesity.

Duromine 40 mg

Duromine weight loss 40 mg pills are for effective and long-lasting appetite suppression. They are for the cases when a low dose doesn’t work or doesn’t work well enough.

  • Maximum dose.
  • Gray-orange capsules.
  • Imprint: “DUROMINE 40”.

Doctors can prescribe it as a starting dose for obese people with a very high weight if required.


What BMI do I need for Duromine

BMI is a screening tool applied to people over 12 years of age. Based on your weight and height, it shows what weight you have:

  • Insufficient.
  • Normal.
  • Above normal. 

You can start a treatment course if you meet one of the BMI requirements for Duromine treatment:

  • Your BMI ≥ 30.
  • Your BMI ≥ 25 and < 30, and you have related diseases (such as insulin-resistant diabetes).

A doctor won’t prescribe treatment if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to Phentermine or other ingredients in the capsules.


How to get Duromine

You can buy Duromine at a drugstore if you have a prescription.

Millions of people worldwide would like to use this medicine, but getting written permission from a doctor is not always easy. That’s why many people ask – How can I get Duromine in Australia?

You can get a prescription if:

  • You visit the doctor in person and tell him about your problem.
  • You tell your doctor that you tried to lose weight but were unsuccessful.
  • Your BMI is within a specific range.
  • You have no contraindications.

How to get Duromine pills if you meet the requirement and the doctor refuses to write a prescription?

Look for another doctor, for example, in a specialized medical centre, and you will find the one who will give it to you. You should be open and realistic:

  • Explain to your doctor how much you need medication treatment and what being able to control your meals means to you.
  • Mention that your appetite has increased and you are afraid to return, for example, to the previous 110 kg.

Keep trying. You may not get a prescription on the first try.

Now you know how easy it is to get Duromine. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: your doctor won’t prescribe the medication if you don’t need it.

Where can I get Duromine right now

Visit the NGU – the weight loss community, and you can find trusted Australian sellers of Duromine weight loss pills. Get premium membership, select the supplier you like, place an order and get your medicine.

By getting the NGU membership, you can find the support you need on the difficult path to a healthy weight. To get strong motivation, learn about the experiences of people who were able to achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a legal drug that helps control hunger and food cravings. iNova Pharmaceuticals registered this trademark in Australia in 1960 (renewal date: September 09, 2029). The company registered the trademark in many other countries (New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Botswana, Singapore, and the Philippines).

The TGA licensed, approved and certified the drug for sale in the Australian market. You can legally use this medicine if you have real problems with excess weight and no contraindications.

The drug passed all the necessary tests and proved its safety. So, they widely use it in clinical practice. Taking capsules may not be safe in some cases, for example, if you have contraindications (see the list here, item 4.3).

It’s simple. Take a capsule and wait for the action to begin. Phentermine doesn’t begin to work immediately after taking as the drug takes time to get into the blood and reach the required concentration.

You will see optimal appetite suppression around noon if you take the extended-release pills as recommended (early in the morning). If you feel more vigorous, it may also mean that the medicine works.

According to information on Duromine 30 mg published by PubMed, you can lose  4 to 12 kg in about 3 months. It indicates that the drug is effective. Remember that the anorectic only works if you use it as part of a weight management program.

The drug makes you feel full longer. It is the primary therapeutic effect. You should inform your doctor about an unusual condition (mood swings, increased nervousness, overexcitation, etc.). Anorectics can cause adverse mental reactions, and you should know how to deal with them.

The drug makes you feel full longer. It is the primary therapeutic effect. You should inform your doctor about an unusual condition (mood swings, increased nervousness, overexcitation, etc.). Anorectics can cause adverse mental reactions, and you should know how to deal with them.


Duromine is a well-known appetite suppressant all over the world. What is its main advantage? It can help you lose more weight than just diet and exercise.

Do you think your body has lost its ability to burn fat effectively? Duromine will prove it wrong. Take the first step and start treatment before obesity becomes a big problem for your health.