Adipex is one of the most popular and effective anti-obesity drugs among obese residents of the USA. As noted in the majority of Adipex reviews of 2011 and 2013, slimming drug Adipex has helped thousands of Americans to reduce their excess weight and improve their quality of life.

History of Adipex began in the 50s of the last century, when the FDA approved the first new drug Phentermine with anorexigenic effect. In January 1982, a company Teva gained the right to distribute Adipex tablets in the United States.

Anti-obesity drug Adipex comes in tablets with a dosage of 37.5 mg of active ingredient Phentermine. After 18 months, Teva company also gained the right to distribute Adipex in the form of capsules.

Each Adipex capsule contains the same dosage as tablets Phentermine 37.5 mg. The mechanism of action of anti-obesity drug Adipex is based on the patient’s central nervous system stimulation.

  • Anorectic substance Phentermine affects certain centers of the brain that regulate appetite

Based on Adipex review and testimonials of many patients, appetite suppressant Adipex helps obese people to effectively lose weight with no diet, no exercise.

Numerous pictures on which patients before and after weight loss are direct evidence of Adipex effectiveness.

According to many Adipex reviews, due to use of anorectic drug Adipex, patients were able to quickly reduce:

  • body weight
  • excessive appetite
  • amount of food consumed

Besides the fact that Adipex helps obese patient to cope with hunger, this slimming drug gives a person strength and energy, activates the body’s metabolism.

Adipex – is a drug product and it can contribute to development of side effects. Just few patients note in their Adipex review that experienced great discomfort and serious side effects.

In general, anorexigenic drug Adipex is tolerated quite well by patients. Carrying out patients’ Adipex review, we can conclude that individual characteristics of the body and / or increased therapeutic dosage of Adipex contribute to development of Adipex side effects.

Therefore, to avoid appearance of adverse reactions, the patient must adhere to all recommendations on the use of Adipex and pay attention to all ingredients of the drug.

Nevertheless, in spite of possible undesirable effects, Adipex recent reviews of the majority of patients indicate that Adipex is one of the most effective anorexigenic medications in 2015 too.