All About Duromine 15 Mg

All About Duromine 15 Mg

 - Updated on August 4, 2022

The dosage of 15 mg Duromine is most often used by those just starting their weight loss journey with the drug. Why do people start with 15 mg? Can a higher dose be more effective? And what adverse effects can be expected from it? We will answer all these questions!

15 mg Duromine effectiveness

How do we know that Duromine is effective for weight loss? Like any drug that aims to suppress appetite, it helps patients lose weight. How does it work? Duromine reduces appetite and helps control hunger, which is very important when you are just getting on the path to losing weight. Of course, if you’re used to eating greasy pizza at dinner, you’ll find it hard to eat salad and steamed meats when your appetite is the same. It is exactly what Duromine is used for. Its effectiveness is manifested because it helps you restrain yourself, even when you want to overeat.

Remember: Duromine is most effective for weight loss only with a proper diet and sufficient physical activity. The weight itself will not leave you if you just take pills; this doesn’t work like with a guy who was afraid of a serious relationship. And even the smallest dosage of 15 mg does an excellent job as an appetite suppressant.

Does Duromine 15mg Work

Duromine 15mg works great and helps hundreds of people fight unhealthy eating habits and helps manage a fierce appetite every day. This dosage is prescribed to all new patients predisposed to adverse reactions or complicating diagnoses. The smallest dose of the drug is an excellent start to getting to know Duromine in the safest possible way.

How to realize that Duromine 15 mg works?

  • It’s easier for you to control your hunger.
  • The desire to eat junk food is reduced.
  • More forces can and should be directed to physical activity.

You will realize the effectiveness of a dose of 15 mg in the process of treatment.

For each person, the dosage is selected individually, based on the characteristics of his body. There are many stories on the forums where people describe their success with Duromine 15mg over time.

For example, a girl describes her Duromine 15 mg results after 1 month on the forum. In 30 days, she has already lost 5 kg at the smallest dosage and continues to lose weight. Also, on our forum, people share how effective each of the dosages of Duromine is.

Could a higher dosage of Duromine be more effective? Dosages of 30 mg and 40 mg are used by those who have no adverse reactions and contraindications, and the results of 15 mg are not enough for them. Duromine 30mg is often prescribed for those with a high BMI and no complicating diagnoses or contraindications.

Duromine 15 mg Is Not Working

When you take Duromine, regardless of the dose, there is a chance that its effect may weaken or disappear altogether. It can happen due to the characteristics of your body. After consulting with your doctor, you can adjust the dosage.

Duromine may stop working if:

  • You are taking a too low dosage, and Duromine 15 mg is not effective enough for you.
  • The body got used to the drug for the period of taking Duromine 15 mg.
  • You are still eating junk food with no exercise.

How long does Duromine take to work? On average, to see the effect of Duromine, you need to wait no more than a week, but it all depends on your susceptibility to the drug. After ten days, you haven’t noticed any changes, and you still find it challenging to cope with hunger? You need to review the dose you are taking. After consulting with your doctor, you can increase the amount of Duromine to 30 mg.

Your body needs time to get used to the drug. Even for those using higher doses, it is sometimes necessary to continue taking the pills for up to 10 days before noticing any effect.

Duromine 15mg vs 30mg

What dosage to choose? For example, if you are just starting or are already on a higher dosage and are experiencing adverse effects, Duromine 15mg would be the right thing to take. If the outcome is not enough for you, you can increase it to 30 mg, but such actions should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor. So, what is the difference between Duromine 15mg and 30mg?

Duromine 15 mg:

  • Normal appetite suppressant effect.
  • Compared with dosages of 30 and 40 mg, there is less risk of adverse reactions.
  • Less chance of unwanted symptoms when used in conjunction with other drugs.
  • It can be used if there are accompanying illnesses and risk of developing adverse effects at higher doses of Duromine 30 mg and Duromine 40 mg.

Duromine 30 mg:

  • High anorexigenic effect.
  • Accelerated weight loss, especially in combination with active training.
  • Fast weight loss results.

Based on the information above, one can easily see the difference between Duromine 15mg and 30mg.

And if you need a more powerful effect, check with your doctor for a different dosage or a change in the regimen. Sometimes after a break-in, Duromine gives the best results. But again, you should consult with the doctor. Duromine 40 mg is most often used by people with a large percentage of excess weight and a very high appetite, but none of the patients prescribe the maximum dose on their own.

Duromine 15mg Adverse Effects

It is logical to note that Duromine 15 mg has the smallest amount of the active substance – phentermine, which means that the likelihood of adverse effects is small in this dosage. But still, it is there, and you need to know what exactly you may encounter when taking Duromine 15 mg.

Here are some adverse effects of Duromine 15mg you must know:

  • Sleeping problems (insomnia and/or interrupted sleep)
  • Dry mouth and/or feeling thirsty.
  • Headache.

When using the smallest dosage, such symptoms most often occur only in the first few days after the first dose of the drug. At this time, the body adapts to the drug, and you may feel some discomfort.

The Bottom Line

You can take Duromine 15mg and lose weight effectively, concluding all the above. You do not have to think about whether severe adverse effects will overtake you and worry about obsession. In addition, you will always have the opportunity to increase the effect, if you need it, by switching to a higher dosage after discussing it with your doctor.

The main thing is to think that it is all is done for health benefits and do not forget that your best friends are physical activity and a proper diet.

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