Dream of many Americans who are trying to lose weight came true in 2007. The first OTC diet pills – Alli having got a green light from the FDA came into the market. They bridged the gap between prescription and OTC diet pills.

Today, majority of the most powerful and the most effective diet pills are sold by prescription only.

  • This creates a lot of difficulties and problems for obese people.

Alli diet pills help to reduce body weight, as well as to avoid difficulties during obesity treatment.

Using this pharmacological treatment option for overweight and obesity, you can:

  • make purchase of this drug without a prescription;
  • refuse from regular medical check-ups;
  • save time and money;
  • buy Alli diet pills online and at retail pharmacies.

Today, there are many ways to buy Alli. This is not only convenient, but also allows to save money. If prices are too high at the nearest pharmacies, you can order Alli diet pills online.

Alli Diet Pills

On online stores, prices on various anti-obesity drugs can also be different. Today, just a few minutes are sufficient to find the cheapest Alli diet pills.

Today you can buy Alli diet pills at:

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Amazon

In 2017, the price range on Alli diet pills varies from $ 49 to $ 71. Price of anti-obesity drug may include shipping cost. Before to place your order, carefully read the terms and cost of delivery.

Some online stores offer special promotions and discounts. If to take advantage of a coupon during order, Alli diet pills price will be cheaper by about $10.

Today, purchase of Alli diet pills without prescription is not a problem. This anti-obesity agent is delivered very quickly. The obese person can get Alli in just 1 day after placing the order and immediately begin to struggle against excess weight.

Use of this drug guarantees reduction of body weight and waist circumference in most obese people. These facts have been confirmed by clinical trials. If learning of the results of clinical trials is not interesting, familiarize yourself with consumer reviews on Alli diet pills written in 2017 or earlier.

The main requirements for any pharmacological treatment option for obesity are:

Regular and proper application of anti-obesity drug;
Balance of physical activity and a low-calorie diet

If the obese patient has never taken Alli, it is best to learn the recommendations for use.

  • It is also useful to learn about the mechanism of action of Alli diet pills. Obtaining of additional information will help to quickly lose weight.

Alli diet pills work locally in the gastrointestinal tract and do not have a significant impact on the person’s other systems and organs. The drug blocks an enzyme that is essential for splitting and digestion of fats. One-third fats coming from food is excreted unchanged.

Understanding of mechanism of Alli action helps timely take diet pills and not to skip the regular doses:

  • One diet pill is taken immediately before, during or up to one hour after meals.
  • Three pills should be taken at about regular intervals during the day.
  • Three main meals should be during the day.
  • Fats in the diet are better to divide into 3 main meals.
  • If food does not contain fats, diet pills should not be taken.

The maximum decrease in body weight occurs within the first 6 months of using this fat blocker.

  • During this time, you can lose up to 10% of your initial body weight.

If to increase the overall level of physical activity and to minimize consumption of high-calorie food, average weight loss results can be significantly increased. If to rely only on properties of Alli diet pills and not to change lifestyle, weight loss will be minimal.

Alli is not magic diet pills. Despite the fact that safety is confirmed by clinical studies and diet pills are sold without prescription, risks of side effects cannot be excluded completely.

Almost all side effects are directly related to the mechanism of action of Alli diet pills, except allergic reactions. Unfortunately, many side effects of the drug can be icky, embarrassing or annoying.

At the first stage of treatment, such adverse reactions as flatulence or diarrhea often occur. They are difficult to control. Typically, these side effects occur in people who do not reduce fat intake.

If you treat obesity and use Alli diet pills, fats coming from food should provide about 30% of the body’s need for calories. The lower this percentage is, the lower the risk of gastrointestinal adverse reactions.

A good news is that most of the adverse reactions are transient. In general, they appear at the beginning of treatment of overweight or obesity, and then disappear on their own.

In addition to the diet pills, today you can buy Alli chewable tablets.

  • Recommendations for the use of various pharmaceutical forms of Alli are identical.

Some people skip intake of Alli diet pills because of the fact that they should be taken with water when they are in a public place, such as restaurant. Chewing pills Alli are not taken with water. They can be taken at any time, in any place.