Duromine and Alternative Weight Loss Products

The real alternative to Duromine is both prescription and over-the-counter weight loss products. Prescription weight loss pills are divided into those that contain active substance Phentermine Hydrochloride and those, containing other active substance (for example, Sibutramine Hydrochloride).

Duromine psychostimulant is an appetite suppressant, which makes people reduce the amount of food and which speeds up metabolism. For obesity treatment, doctors sometimes recommend Orlistat that reduces the body mass by inhibiting the gastrointestinal lipases.

The effectiveness and speed of obesity treatment depends on the right choice of prescription weight loss pills. Regardless of the choice, all the weight loss drugs are only prescribed in combination with low-calorie diets and eating behavior change.

Prescription diet pills can be used only within a certain period. For instance, Duromine and other drugs containing Phentermine are recommended to be taken for 5-7 weeks. Maximum term of use of Duromine is 12 weeks.

The term of weight loss products use is one of the main lacks in taking the prescription drugs. Apart from that, all the prescription drugs can cause side effects.

If you take Duromine and you have no stable or a sufficient weight loss, then you might need some over-the-counter weight loss products. The main benefits of such weight loss pills are:

  • The lack of side effects
  • Possibility to take them for long time

The drawback of over-the-counter products to fight obesity is their low efficiency. Given the fact that most supplements do not cause cardiovascular side effects, they become increasingly popular among obese patients in Australia and other countries of the world every year.

You can buy weight loss products right from your home. To order these supplements online, you don’t have to undergo a medical examination and pay for doctor’s services. Before you buy one of the many weight loss products, make sure you studied carefully all the available information on special chats and forums about it.

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