Many people suffering from excess weight dream to quickly get rid of extra kilos without using prescription drugs for weight loss. However, how to choose the best over the counter diet pills that will be effective for you?

A list of the best over the counter diet pills includes a huge number of dietary supplements.

To date, natural means for weight loss are widely advertised in mass media. The main advantage of dietary supplements over medications is absence of synthetic components.

  • Before using one of the best over the counter diet pills, interests of the person as a buyer on the one hand, and the patient who needs to get rid of extra kilos, on the other should be taken into account.

Consumer selection criteria of the best over the counter diet pills are:

  • recommendations of medical specialists;
  • favorable price / quality ratio;
  • availability, ability to buy online;
  • country and manufacturing company;
  • positive reviews of other people about application experience.

Not only person, but also the attending physician should take part in selection of best over the counter diet pills. However, the medical specialist cannot give prescription for dietary supplements. The doctor can only recommend a drug for weight loss, which will be the most effective in weight loss for you.

Depending on the person’s financial situation, factor of price is often decisive when choosing a drug for weight loss. Between two dietary supplements with similar efficiency, the person unconsciously chooses the cheaper one.

However, price of one or another dietary supplement for weight loss is not an indicator of efficiency. Reviews of other users about experience of using means for weight loss can serve as motivation to buy a dietary supplement, which is positioned as the best over the counter diet pills.

The properties the best over the counter diet pills should possess in terms of efficiency / safety:

Work quickly
Contain natural ingredients only
Not to cause serious side effects;
To be as convenient as possible for application
Have a minimum number of contraindications
Reduce not only local fat deposits (on the abdomen, hips, etc.), but also the total body weight
Affect all aspects of weight reduction: appetite suppression, metabolism increase, etc.

Dietary supplements that maximally meet all the above criteria of the best over the counter diet pills are PhenQ, Phen375 and Raspberry Ketone.

  • Contraindications to the use of dietary supplements are age under 18 years, pregnancy and individual intolerance of one or more components.

PhenQ, Phen375 or Raspberry Ketone can be found on many online pharmacies, but the priority should be given to official site of the manufacturer when buying.

Manufacturers of dietary supplements cannot not take into account needs of every obese person. There are no best over the counter diet pills that will work absolutely for everyone.

No matter what drug for weight loss you use, all best over the counter diet pills are used as an adjunct to a diet plan and regular physical activity.