When choosing best diet pills for women, features of female body should be taken into account. On physiological level, in female body hormonal changes occur much more than in male.

Structure of fat cells in women is different from that of men.

  • At the molecular level, lipids accumulated in female body are larger and have higher activity. Therefore, female body accumulates fat deposits much faster than male body.

In women, fat burning is slower than in men.

  • This is because female body is programmed for fat accumulation by nature.

Therefore, a woman’s body contains a large amount of lipogenic enzymes that accelerate formation of fatty deposits.

Even the best diet pills for women can be ineffective. This is explained by the fact that women take medications for weight loss without taking into account phases of menstrual cycle. Intensity of weight loss may vary at different periods of menstruation.

The menstrual cycle is divided into four phases:

1. menstrual cycle – period of vaginal bleeding;
2. proliferative phase – production of hormone estrogen;
3. ovulation phase – preparation of egg for fertilization;
4. luteal phase – production of hormone progesterone.

During menstrual bleeding, the body has no need to store calories.

  • Therefore, the first 3-6 days of the menstrual cycle – is an ideal time to lose weight. However, weight loss is complicated by the fact that a diet is contraindicated in woman during the menstrual cycle. The body requires a lot of energy, which it can get with a balanced diet.

During vaginal bleeding, Orlistat-based drugs can become best diet pills for women. At conventional or on any online pharmacy, you can find such brand names as Alli or Xenical.

Orlistat is an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases; it blocks production of enzymes that promote absorption of fats. Herewith, Orlistat almost does not affect absorption of vitamins and useful minerals needed to maintain the body vital functions.

Intake of one Orlistat capsule with each main meal helps to reduce digestion of calories. Thirty percent fats coming from food are excreted from the body.

As long as proliferative phase and ovulation last for about one week, the body does not require accumulation of excess energy. In the second and third period of the menstrual cycle, you can continue using Orlistat or choose a dietary supplement.

Not only synthetic drugs, but also dietary supplements can be the best diet pills. Women, who do not want to take medications for obesity, can be recommended Phen375, PhenQ or Raspberry Ketone. These dietary supplements contain only natural ingredients, and promote weight loss in a natural way.

Luteal phase – is the last stage of menstrual cycle, which lasts about 2 weeks. During this period, a woman’s body prepares for a possible pregnancy, therefore produces progesterone. Excess of progesterone enhances appetite, so an intensive gain of extra weight occurs namely during the luteal phase.

  • Compliance with a diet plan will promote weight loss, but feeling of hunger will not disappear. Therefore, anorectics, i.e., drugs that reduce appetite can become the best diet pills for women during the luteal phase.

Phentermine is commonly known anorectic used to reduce weight.

  • In different countries, it is sold under various brand names – Adipex, Metermine, Ionamin, Duromine and others.

Application of a Phentermine capsule or pill reduces appetite throughout the day. This anorectic has short duration of use – no more than 3 months. Therefore, Phentermine will prevent accumulation of body fat for 2 weeks as long as the luteal phase lasts.

Diet pills of different pharmaceutical groups should not be used during one menstrual cycle.

  • There are no best diet pills that work fast for absolutely every woman. When using one or another anti-obesity drug, weight loss will occur with different intensity, depending on the phase of menstrual cycle.