buy-duromine-onlineiNova is the manufacturing company, producing Duromine drug for obesity treatment, which supplies it to the pharmaceutical market of Australia. In addition, Duromine drug can be bought at pharmacies in New Zealand and some other countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

iNova produces Duromine as capsules to take by mouth. In each capsule you will find an active substance Phentermine and several excipients. Excipients ensure the necessary dissolution and absorption of the drug.

The Duromine dosages are 15mg, 30mg and 40mg. An average dose is typically used for the treatment of obesity and weight loss. Duromine 30mg capsules help to assess the safety and efficiency of this drug.

If Duromine 30mg capsules do not provide a sufficient appetite suppression, then the dose is to be increased up to 40mg. However, the dosage can only be raised in the lack of side effects. The most common side effects of Duromine are – dizziness, poor sleep, dry mouth, indigestion and change in the blood pressure.

You can buy Duromine in a blister pack, protecting the medication from moisture. Each pack contains 15 capsules. Please keep this anorexigenic drug in the original pack until it is time to use it.

The shell of Duromine 15 mg capsules for oral intake consists of two halves of grey and reddish-brown color. Each half of the capsule is engraved with «Duromine» and «30».

To learn how to buy Duromine, you can consult a pharmacist. The drug is sold at traditional pharmacies by prescription only. Online pharmacies offer to buy Duromine without prescription and with home delivery.