duromine-dosageDuromine is a prescription drug, intended to decrease fat deposits in people with overweight or obesity. Duromine dosage depends on comorbidities and obesity degree.

Duromine weight loss pills are meant for monotherapy conducted in a short period of time. Weight loss rate and health improvement will depend on the chosen dose of Duromine.

Maximum time of use of Duromine drug is 12 weeks. If you are at risk group (for instance, high blood pressure), you should undergo a medical examination and choose an optimal dosage.

Optimal dosage of Duromine provides an effective weight loss and herewith does not cause dangerous side effects. Doctor can prescribe you Duromine dose of 15mg, 30mg or 40mg.

  • Maximum dose of Duromine is 40mg per day

The recommended initial dose of Duromine appetite suppressant is 30mg a day. By using this dose for several days, it is possible to reveal an individual intolerance to Duromine (Phentermine).

Overweight people with high BMI can be prescribed maximum dose of Duromine 40mg a day. If any discomfort or mild side effects appear, doctor can advise to continue the treatment with Duromine.

  • Take no more than 1 Duromine capsule per day

Duromine capsules are designed for oral use with a desired amount of water. If you forget to take a capsule in the morning, take 1 Duromine capsule at the next morning.

Do not take 2 capsules of Duromine per day. This may cause an overdose, some severe adverse reactions and violate your sleep duration.

To increase the fat burning rate, you should change the intensity of physical exercises, improve your diet and never change the dose of Duromine on your own.

If side effects appear, it is necessary to reduce the dosage or stop taking Duromine. Usually, Duromine 15mg can effectively suppress the appetite without causing any mild or severe adverse reactions.

Do not take Duromine with other prescription or over-the-counter weight loss drugs. Maximum time of use of Duromine weight loss pills is 3 months.

Duromine is a drug you can buy at pharmacies by prescription only. Before you buy Duromine psychostimulant, please check out the prices at different pharmacies in your town.