Drinking Coffee While on Duromine

Does Caffeine Cancel Out Duromine

 - Updated on August 4, 2022

Can you have coffee while taking Duromine?

Many people can’t imagine their morning without the coffee aroma that helps them wake up while someone is already busy in the kitchen. A cup of coffee is a sign of attention from your beloved one. Who hasn’t dreamt about getting coffee in bed? However, no pancakes or croissants because we’re talking about losing weight here.

We’d like to offer you to add a lovely flower or cheese instead of pastry. If to put romance aside, you shouldn’t consume coffee on an empty stomach or drink it with Duromine. This article will dispel or prove myths about mixing Duromine and coffee and shed light on the benefits of this most popular drink.

Does Caffeine Cancel Out Duromine?

Understanding the essence of caffeine interactions with our body and how it affects the weight loss process helps determine whether it cancels out Duromine.

A cup of coffee can contribute to losing weight because caffeine gives you more energy and improves digestion. The reason experts don’t recommend drinking it on an empty stomach is that it may increase the level of stomach acid.

Therefore, Duromine doesn’t contain caffeine, but its active ingredient, phentermine, is energy-boosting. The drug suppresses appetite and makes the weight loss journey effortless. Doctors recommend taking Duromine in the morning after food to avoid insomnia and sickliness. Also, you shouldn’t drink coffee right after the drug intake.

Сoffee and Duromine won’t affect your health if you don’t drink too much caffeine. Follow-ups on patients, and most significantly, reviews and recommendations of people who take Duromine, prove coffee hasn’t a negative effect if taken in reasonable quantities.
One cup of coffee won’t cause adverse reactions, but if you used to drink americano several times a day, you’d better switch to caffeine-free drinks.

Two or more cups a day may be bad for your health. We suppose nobody would like to feel discomfort as the weight-loss journey may be complicated.

Duromine and caffeine are not specifically contraindicated, but you should still be careful with what you consume. Experts point out that both Duromine and coffee have appetite-suppressing properties.

You may think that it will bring additional benefits, but even without undergoing obesity treatment, people should be careful about drinking a lot of coffee. All sunshine makes a desert. Moreover, when you try to lose weight, you should monitor your ph-level. Coffee intake leads to dehydration, and you need to replenish lost fluids.

Duromine and Caffeine

A well-known fact is that caffeine is found in many drinks. This information may be interesting for people with irregular working hours or those who work in shifts: taxi drivers or 24/7 customer support agents.

It’s essential to be aware of the results if mixing Duromine and coffee, as well as other products high in caffeine, including:

  • Energy drinks (Red Bull or Coca-Cola).
  • Coffee: brewed and instant.
  • Tea: green and black.
  • Black chocolate.

If you are taking Duromine, you should consider whether the products you eat are safe for your health. If you have any energy drink with a piece of chocolate, pause to think about how much caffeine you’ve consumed and aren’t these caffeine interactions harmful to you.

Moreover, energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, which is unhealthy even for people who aren’t trying to lose weight. If you don’t want to bother with calculations, have caffeinated drinks according to your weight loss program and consider all the recommendations.


One or two cups of coffee won’t do harm during your weight loss journey, so feel free to enjoy it as well as other products high in caffeine. Moderation is the key to healthy and pleasant obesity treatment.

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