Drug Test and Duromine

Will Duromine Affect Drug Screening

 - Updated on August 4, 2022

Why does Duromine give a positive result in a drug test? What should I bring with me while taking the drug, and what measures should I take?
We’ll explain how Duromine works and how long it stays on the run. It will help avoid misunderstandings during the drug test.

Does Duromine Show Up In A Roadside Drug Test?

The active substance of Duromine is Phentermine. It is an amphetamine derivative that is used to suppress appetite. But Phentermine is identified in drug testing as amphetamines, which can create unpleasant problems with the police.

If you are going to be tested for drugs, tell the police officer before the testing that you are taking Duromine, and present your prescription. In such cases, Duromine and roadside drug testing will be treated as false-positive.

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Will Duromine Affect Drug Screening?

Сan Duromine be detected in a drug test? Yes, Phentermine is not a drug, but its chemical structure is similar to amphetamine, which means that the drug can give a false-positive result in drug tests.

Excess Phentermine levels may raise questions when considering a false-positive result if you have taken more than the recommended dose.

So, will Duromine show on a drug test? Probably, yes.

Does Duromine Come Up In A Drug Test?

Duromine will give a false-positive drug test during the entire course of the drug.

So, after all – how long does Phentermine stay in your body?
The half-life of Duromine is when it takes half a dose to be processed in the liver or excreted in urine from your body.

What mg does Duromine come in?
The standard dose of Duromine 30 mg per day for 80% of Phentermine, is excreted in the urine. The remaining 20% ​​of the active substance may give false-positive results.
The half-life of Duromine is about 20 hours, and the total elimination time of the drug can last up to three days.

How long does Phentermine stay in blood, urine, and hair?

  • A blood test will show a false result during the day from the moment of taking the drug;
  • Urine screening gives false-positive results within 1 to 4 days after the last dose of the medicine;
  • Traces of Phentermine remain in the hair for several months.

The Bottom Line

Nobody wants to have trouble with the police. Thus, always carry a prescription from your doctor with you to feel calm in a false positive test and prove that you did not take any other drugs.

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