Duromine Interacts with Alcohol?

What happens when Duromine interacts with alcohol?

If you are using the weight loss medicine, Duromine interaction with alcohol is impermissible. During the entire period of anti-obesity treatment with Duromine, it is advised to avoid the consumption of any amount of alcohol.

What is the danger of Duromine interaction with alcohol:

  • impaired mental activity, physical activity and the respiratory tract functioning
  • enhanced depressing effect of the anorectic over the central nervous system, increased risk of side effects (dizziness, confused consciousness, etc.)
  • increased risk of toxic poisoning, because of the increased plasma concentration of the anorectic

Duromine interaction with alcohol has an adverse impact not only over the nervous system, but also on all internal organs, especially the liver and the kidneys.

The main route of Duromine and alcohol biotransformation occurs in the liver. Simultaneous administration of the anorectic and alcoholic beverages increases the risk of hepatotoxicity. In the interaction of alcohol with Duromine, such hepatotoxic effects may manifest, as oxidative stress, autoimmune reaction or cholestasis.