Duromine Efficiency

Duromine appetite suppressant efficiency has been proven in many clinical studies. Duromine contains active substance Phentermine, which has been successfully used in obesity treatment for over 50 years.

In fact, any prescription weight loss pills are potentially dangerous for health. But it has been proven that the benefit of Duromine exceeds the risks. That is why; Duromine and other weight loss pills containing Phentermine are considered the most effective and best-selling drugs in the world.

You can take Duromine only after a medical examination and consultation with the doctor. Duromine weight loss pills are only prescribed to those patients, who didn’t manage to reduce their body weight by means of diet and physical exertion.

After a patient bought and started using Duromine psychostimulant, he should reduce the amount of calories in food he eats every day. Duromine can maximally suppress the appetite and give you the chance to use the strictest diets.

Obese patients, using Duromine lose about 5-15% of the body weight. These or even better results are achieved by responsible patients only.

  • It is recommended to take Duromine within 5-6 weeks.

Clinical trials have revealed that the highest weight loss rate is obtained on 2-3 week of using Duromine slimming pills. During this period of time, obese patients should maximally increase their physical activity.

You can find Duromine weight loss pills at pharmacies with different amount of Phentermine active substance. According to obesity severity, comorbidities and a patient’s age, Duromine 15mg, 30mg or 40mg dose is prescribed.

Some things depend on Duromine dosage:

  • Safety of treatment
  • Weight loss rate

Using 30mg or 40mg dose will significantly increase the effectiveness of Duromine psychostimulant. However, you must remember about balance between the efficiency and potential risks.

Large doses of Duromine appetite suppressant often cause side effects, such as difficulties with falling asleep and maintenance of sleep, emotional instability, uncertainty, dry mouth, anxiety and worry, high blood pressure and heart rate.

Moreover, large doses of the CNS stimulant Duromine are not recommended for patients, in whom obesity has increased the risk of cardiovascular complications. This often occurs in patients with BMI over 35, therefore it is recommended to take Duromine weight loss pills without waiting until severe obesity.

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