food-diaryDuromine weight loss drug was approved by the FDA for a short-term treatment of obesity, combined with a low-calorie diet and high physical activity. Clinical practice shows that obese people, using Duromine diet pills, lose 2-3 times more weight, than with non-medical anti-obesity therapy.

Extra weight usually appears due to a systematic overeating and use of high-calorie foods. Duromine suppresses appetite and reduces hunger. Therefore, people, taking Duromine diet pills find it much easier to adhere to a diet.

It is recommended to keep a food diary to avoid temptation to eat a piece of cake during Duromine anti-obesity therapy. You may use an ordinary notebook as a food diary, where you can record foods you eat throughout a day, as well as portions and time of meals. There are no strict rules for keeping a food diary. If you want, you can make up a schedule, noting your weight changes, achieved within a week for example.

The only rule for keeping a food diary during the use of Duromine pills is recording of any product a person ate throughout a day (apple, candy, sunflower seeds or even crackers). At the end of the day, people who take Duromine weight loss pills can count how much calories they consumed, as well as calories their body has burned throughout a day. Comparing these numbers, a person who uses Duromine pills can see if he or she had taken any excess calories within a day.

Keeping a food diary during Duromine pharmacotherapy helps to develop a nutritional system and to change eating habits. A person, taking Duromine pills loses weight only if caloric expenditure surpasses the calorie intake. If a person loses as much calories as he consumes throughout a day, then his body weight remains unchanged. But if the body gets more calories than it can burn, the body mass will be increasing.

A combination of Duromine diet pills and food diary helps to schedule the diet of a person who wants to lose weight. In a food diary, a person can write down his menu and time of meals for the day. Keeping a food diary during Duromine anti-obesity therapy increases the number of lost kilograms by several times.

People can also use an online food diary or use MyNetDiary if they want. This is a special program people, who take Duromine weight loss pills, can upload on their iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. MyNetDiary is the easiest and the most effective calorie counter, available for free.

Using MyNEtDiary, people who use Duromine pills, can count calories they consume throughout a day right on their tablet or smart phone. The good thing about this online food diary is that it needs no access to the Internet. Using this phone application, people can count calories of any dish in restaurant, airplane or any other place of their vacation.

Another benefit of a food diary while on Duromine pharmacotherapy is that people can determine what foods are “good” and what are “bad” (high-calorie) for them. Nutritionists have proven that food diary records increase the self-control of a person who is striving to lose some weight. Because overweight people should record all the foods they eat in their food diary while using Duromine pills, they start consuming less calories than they ever did.

Nutritionists believe that limitation of consumed calories while on Duromine pills is more effective than just quitting of some foods. Strict diets are always stressful and sooner or later people eat some “junk” food and thus his previous results become pointless.

Keeping a food diary during the use of Duromine pills is a motivator many people need to achieve a maximal result of anti-obesity therapy. With the help of a professional nutritionist, people can even compose an individual diet plan, based on this food diary.

Thanks to the food diary records, a specialist will get a clear idea of a person’s daily diet. An individual diet along with Duromine weight loss drug provides you best results in a short time.