Everyone suffering from overweight wants to get rid of extra kilos as quickly as possible. Today there are so many drugs for weight loss at the disposal of obese people, but how to choose diet pills that work fast?

If to stick to a diet plan and regularly practice physical activity, a normal rate of weight loss is 1 kg per week. Therefore, use of diet pills that work fast should provide more intensive weight loss.

Herewith, weight reduction rate should be measured not in kilograms, but in percentage of initial weight.

  • The greater the person’s weight, the higher the rate of weight loss.
  • For example, having 100 kg of body weight, weight reduction by 10% of the initial body mass makes 10 kg per month.
  • If initial weight makes 60 kg, loss of 5% body weight provides weight loss by 6 kg for 30 days.

All diet pills that work fast can be divided into two major groups:

Prescription drugs
Over the counter (OTC) diet pills

Drugs are prescribed by the treating physician for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of obesity. Indication for prescription of drugs for weight loss is usually a BMI greater than or equal to 30 kg / m2. Prescription drugs most often contain synthetic ingredients and they can be purchased by prescription only at conventional pharmacies.

A prescription of the treating physician is not required for OTC diet pills. Over the counter drugs can be taken in slightly overweight. All OTC diet pills contain one or more natural ingredients. OTC drugs for weight loss can be easily bought at regular pharmacies or on online pharmacies.

Another difference between prescription drugs and OTC diet pills is that drugs pass clinical trials. When using drugs, efficiency and rate of weight loss involving obese patients are evaluated for a limited period.

Nevertheless, there is no the same rate of weight loss, characteristic for every person. Weight loss results by means of prescription drugs vary from trial to trial.

When using OTC diet pills, weight loss rate can be evaluated only by reviews of other users, since dietary supplements do not pass clinical trials for efficacy and safety.

  • However, rate of weight loss can be different in every person the same as while using prescription drugs.

Ideal diet pills that work fast must:

  • provide weight loss at least 1.5 kg per week;
  • not cause side effects and other health problems;
  • contribute to persistent and continuous weight loss during the whole period of application;
  • reduce not only total body weight, but also local fat deposits;
  • activate several processes in the body necessary for weight loss (appetite suppression, metabolism increase, etc.).

OTC diet pills that best meet all above-mentioned requirements are PhenQ, Phen375 and Raspberry Ketone. Prescription drugs that can be called diet pills that work fast are Phentermine, Orlistat and Liraglutide.

When choosing diet pills that work fast, take into account:

  • too rapid weight loss (more than 4 kg per week) can lead to health problems;
  • purchase of medicines and dietary supplements on dubious online pharmacies does not guarantee their quality;
  • priority is given to the official sites or sites of the manufacturing companies when buying drugs for weight loss;
  • manufacturers, who promise fantastic weight loss results when using dietary supplements should cause you to doubt.

None of the diet pills will not work fast, if obese person does not adhere to certain dietary restrictions and does not practice daily exercise.