Online pharmacies exploit cross-border regulatory gaps for sale of counterfeit Duromine

Comments about the fact that Duromine does not work are periodically found on the Internet. It is noteworthy that such reviews are left by people, who ordered Duromine online from a country in which this drug was never sold.

In 2017, Duromine is sold in Australia, but not approved in North America or Continental Europe.

However, online pharmacies, which work in the shadows of international e-Commerce, offer to buy Duromine online in practically any country of the world.

Certified Australian pharmacies also provide an opportunity to buy these diet pills online. However, they sell controlled medications by prescription only and deliver them only within Australia.

If you find an offer to buy Duromine in the USA, you can rest assured that you are offered to purchase counterfeit diet pills.

The original Duromine is supplied legally only to a few countries in the world, including:

  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia

It should be noted that branded Duromine capsules supplied at the Asia-Pacific market are manufactured in the North America.

  • Active ingredient Phentermine contained in each Duromine capsule is produced in the USA
  • Then, Phentermine is exported to Canada for production of finished dosage form Duromine (capsule)

Counterfeit Duromine pills are produced both in the USA and in Canada.

So-called “Canadian online pharmacies” convince consumers that anyone can buy Duromine and other Phentermine-containing medications without a prescription.

However, sale, buying, and cross-border transportation of such drugs without a prescription are illegal.

In addition, pharmaceutical distributors have no licenses to supply Duromine to countries in which this drug is not approved.

Therefore, before an offer for a legal purchase of Duromine in North America will be real, this drug should be approved:

  • U.S. FDA
  • Health Canada

Among approved drugs for obesity treatment in the USA, there are dozens of Phentermine-containing tablets and capsules.

Therefore, acquisition of counterfeit Duromine in the USA makes no sense. After all, if you have excess weight, you can get a prescription for Phentermine pills and find them at the nearest pharmacy.