duromine-indicationsDuromine is weight loss pills, prescribed for the fight against extra weight and obesity. Patients, who were diagnosed obesity, are usually recommended to use Duromine stimulant with low-calorie diet and intense physical exercises.

Typically, Duromine pills are not indicated to people with overweight. If overweight (BMI 25-30) is accompanied with diabetes type 2, high level of lipids or hypertension, doctor can prescribe Duromine diet pills.

Before using Duromine pills, patients should undergo a medical examination. Duromine is a powerful anorexigenic drug, which can both reduce the body mass and cause some side effects.

Before you buy Duromine, you can consult a pharmacist. Everyone who is taking Duromine must keep in mind that these weight loss pills can cause high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, dry mouth, anxiety and nervousness.

Duromine psychostimulant can be prescribed to patients older than 12 years. However, teenagers and elderly can use only minimal or medium doses of Duromine and only under medical supervision.

Depending on the overall health and obesity severity, doctor prescribes Duromine 15mg, 30mg or 40mg. The recommended daily dose of Duromine is 1 capsule.

The best way to use Duromine capsule is to take it before noon. Thus, if you change Duromine dose on your own or take it late in the afternoon, it may stimulate your brain actively, causing some difficulties with falling asleep at night.

When using Duromine pills, avoid drinking alcohol. Combination of Duromine and alcohol beverages may cause unpredictable consequences and severe adverse reactions.

If you decide to buy Duromine, but you have never taken strong appetite suppressants before, you may read real Duromine pills reviews on different weight loss forums.