Legal control over Duromine

In accordance with Australian legislation, Duromine is included in a list of controlled drugs.

This means that:

  • license is required for production, packaging, prescription and sale of Duromine;
  • prescription is required for purchase, personal use, transportation, and storage of Duromine.

The list of controlled drugs includes only those dosage forms, which can cause mental or physical dependence.

Duromine has a relatively low potential for abuse. However, in non-observance the recommended frequency and / or duration of Duromine use, risk of abuse increases.

Prolonged storage

Practicing physicians and pharmacists should keep Duromine in securely locked, strongroom, safe, or storage cabinet. Only the person who holds a license for sale or prescription of Duromine should have key (or PIN-code) to the safe lock, room, or cabinet.

  • Consumers should keep Duromine capsules at a temperature not above 0 ° C

Transportation for own use

If you plan to import Duromine capsules from Australia to another country, first make sure it is legal. For example, the USA legislation prohibits import of controlled drugs that are not approved by the FDA.
Therefore, even if you have a prescription of a doctor and Duromine is required for personal use, customs officer may decide to refuse admission of Duromine to the USA territory.

Transportation for commercial use

Pharmaceutical distributors should transport Duromine in an opaque container with no information about its content on it (the so-called ”discreet packaging”).

All information about buyer of Duromine capsules should be provided in accompanying documents that are packaged into the opaque container.

Legal Duromine transportation is possible only in countries where this drug is approved for obesity treatment (including Australia, NZ, and South Africa).

If pharmaceutical distributor uses cross-border regulatory gaps and successfully imports Duromine in country in which this drug is not sold, he can be prosecuted for illegal import, storage, transportation, and / or commercial use of Duromine.

Large-scale deliveries of Duromine capsules should be transported in vehicles, which cannot be identified as a vehicle for transportation of controlled drugs.

  • If Duromine capsules were sent by post, the sender must notify the buyer of the place and the estimated time of delivery.

Information about import, export, transportation and storage of Duromine published in this review is available only as a source of information, so it should not be used in lieu of legal advice or medical advice.