On Duromine Not Losing Weight

Why am I still hungry on Duromine

 - Updated on August 9, 2022

You take Duromine daily at 5 AM, eat healthy food, walk and exercise. And one day, you wake up with no results… What if Duromine stops working? Is this the end of your weight loss journey?

Many people with different BMI, health conditions, and lifestyles use Duromine to lose weight. Will everyone get results? And what does it depend on? Of course, everyone loses weight at their own pace: different people – different results. Stock up on optimism, and then faith in a good result will help you achieve it faster.

Could it be that a person is not losing any weight on Duromine? Yes, this can happen, and we will describe such cases in detail and what needs to be done in such situations to achieve the final goal.

Why Am I Still Hungry On Duromine?

Everyone’s appetite is very different. You may gain weight quickly while feeling half-starved; in fact, you may overeat simultaneously. Perhaps you need to reconsider the number of calories or slow down due to improper food intake.

Your body needs to rebuild and adapt to the appetite suppressant effect of the drug. Thus, during this period, some are still hungry on Duromine. Why is this happening? Not every organism can immediately adjust to other volumes of food, even when using appetite suppressants. When your brain begins to signal that you need to eat less, the body needs time to adapt. And you can start eating more so you don’t get stressed out by the restrictions.

“Duromine is not working for me!” Usually, you may hear that from people who have high expectations and want a speedy result, and if this does not happen, they begin to think that. Sometimes you need to wait for a little to see a decrease in appetite. Do not be upset if the drug has not yet saved you from the wild desire to eat a bar of chocolate.

How long does Duromine take to start working? On average, it takes a few days to notice a change in the appetite and start eating less food. It is essential to rely not only on Duromine but also to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat foods with energy benefits. How and what you eat directly affects your feeling of hunger. If you eat foods that whet your appetite, it will be harder to hold on.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Duromine?

The reasons why you are not losing weight on Duromine 30mg can be wholly different and depend on the dosage, lifestyle, stress levels, and activity during the day.

You shouldn’t give up on your weight loss and go this way confidently, not forgetting why you decided to turn to Duromine for help. After all, everyone who chose to lose weight with the help of this appetite suppressant was guided by its reputation and inspiring success stories. You may find a lot of success stories on the Forum.

So, the most common reasons why people stop losing weight or never start:

  • Irregular or excessive meals.
  • Unbalanced diet.
  • Lack of physical activity.

If you think none of the reasons fits your needs and yet you are not losing weight on Duromine 30mg, you need to consult your doctor and ask him whether you are using Duromine correctly.

Remember: if you do not notice the desired result on the scales, in no case should you self-medicate and increase the dosage on your own.

Сan Duromine Stop Working?

What if Duromine stopped working after a week? That is possible. It may be a reaction to new, previously unfamiliar processes in the body. However, the reasons why Duromine may stop working can also be varied.

If you can’t cope with hunger, the problem may be in your lifestyle, when you eat, and what exactly. Duromine is not a magic pill that will ultimately discourage the desire to eat. The drug only helps to reduce appetite, which leads to overweight. Maybe the dosage isn’t correct for you, and you need to reconsider this issue with your doctor.

What To Do If Duromine Stopped Working?

If you stopped losing weight on Duromine, the first thing to do is to calm down and listen to our advice.

Here are several opinions from experts that will help you return to your favorite drug, which allows you to lose weight and for which you had high hopes:

  • Discuss with your doctor the regimen for taking and dosing the drug.
    You may want to take intervals or increase the dose. Don’t make these decisions on your own.
  • Avoid snacking; follow an accepted meal plan.
  • Move more: dancing, yoga, or walking. Anything, the main thing – do not exchange walks for a sofa.

The Bottom Line

So, if you stopped losing weight on Duromine, your doctor will help you find the reason. He will advise the optimal dosing interval or temporarily stop taking the drug. After a break, you will return to it again, and you will be able to show fantastic results.

Any path is not perfectly smooth and comfortable. If you are having a hard time right now, consider that you will thank yourself for not giving up today one day.

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