Permission to import and / or export Duromine

If you plan to take Duromine while traveling to another country, you should know about transportation rules of prescription diet pills for personal use.

Having familiarized with rules of Duromine import and export, you will find answers to your questions and will maintain confidence in the fact that journey will not end for you as an unpleasant surprise.
Different requirements for Duromine transportation across the border are imposed in different countries.

If you want to check whether you can transport these diet pills in any country, you can do this in several ways.

The first method

Contact the embassy of the country in which you are going to and try to get a list of medications that are prohibited to import even for personal use.

If you send a request by an email, you will receive an answer within 5-15 working days. Therefore, formulate your questions and send them to the embassy / consulate in advance.

The second method

Find website of Customs Service of arrival country and try to find information on export and import rules of controlled drugs (such as Duromine).

Even if the Customs Service allows cross-border traffic of these diet pills, you may need to go through a procedure of customs clearance.

If transportation of Duromine in desired destination is illegal, discuss with your doctor the possibility of using alternative methods of treating obesity.

During the trip, the doctor may recommend you to replace Duromine by herbal diet pills.

However, keep in mind that certain prohibitions and restrictions can also apply in respect of OTC medicines. Therefore, before to transport OTC diet pills across the border, make sure that they are not included in the list of medicines prohibited to import / export.

If you are already convinced that you can take Duromine on a trip, take along only the needed number of doses of this anti-obesity drug.

To avoid problems with customs, get supporting documentation from your doctor, which confirms that you really require these diet pills (for example a copy of your prescription for Duromine or a letter from general practitioner).
Store and transport these diet pills in your hand luggage, in their original packaging. This way you will help customs officers faster identify your controlled drug.

In accordance with export / import rules of drugs to (from) Australia, you can take along no more than 90 maximum doses of Duromine 40mg.

This number of doses will be enough for three months of continuous treatment of obesity.
However, if you have the opportunity, it is better to refuse using Duromine on travel and carry out obesity drug therapy at home.