Phentermine pills

Phentermine tablets: review of product characteristics

Currently, tablets are some of the most commonly used dosage forms, including Phentermine. Today, conventional tablets are used for weight loss, but previously orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) were sold under the brand name Suprenza.

Most often, a tablet contains 37.5 mg of active ingredient Phentermine and it is sufficient to take one tablet in the morning to reduce weight.

Tablets under the trademark Lomaira containing 8 mg of Phentermine recently have come into the market. To get rid of extra kilos, you should take one Lomaira tablet with each main meal

Regardless of dosage of the active ingredient, do not break, crush or chew Phentermine tablets. Most patients do not realize that violating integrity of Phentermine tablets; they not only reduce effectiveness of the drug, but also create a risk of serious side effects.

Advantages of Phentermine pills are as follows:

  • rapid onset of action
  • possibility of masking unpleasant organoleptic properties
  • protection of the drug from the acid reaction of gastric juice

Disadvantages of Phentermine pills are as follows:

  • increased hygroscopic
  • insufficient mechanical strength
  • more strict storage conditions than capsules have
  • rapid rate of the drug absorption that increases the risk of side effects

Besides Lomaira, Phentermine pills can be purchased under such brand as Adipex or under the generic names. Oblong tablets usually white, in some cases with blue specks.