What prescription diet pills are most effective today?

To get rid of excess weight, every obese person wants to use only the best prescription diet pills. How to know which drug for weight loss is the best for you?

Before to prescribe a particular drug for weight loss, the treating physician should carefully choose a drug, which will be the most effective for you.

When prescribing drug therapy, the treating physician evaluates such indicators as risk / benefit, effectiveness, safety, as well as price of prescription diet pills.

  • Price is often a determining factor when choosing one or another drug for weight loss.

All prescription diet pills can be divided into four large groups:

  • anorectics – Phentermine, Sibutramine
  • gastric lipase inhibitors – Orlistat
  • glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogs – Saxenda
  • combined drugs – Contrave, Qsymia

Anorectics are effective prescription diet pills, because eliminate one of the main reasons for accumulation of excess kilos – constant feeling of hunger.

When using an anorectic, release of neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain increases. The release of neurotransmitters decreases appetite and promotes rapid saturation.

Since 1959, one of the most effective and commonly prescribed anorectics is Phentermine. A list of prescription diet pills based on Phentermine includes such well-known drugs as Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine and many others.

For a long time, all Phentermine-containing drugs had the same mode of application – one tablet or capsule per day.

Recently tablets Lomaira containing low dose of the active ingredient have gone on sale. A Lomaira tablet is to be taken with each main meal.

  • Phentermine was not always the most popular drug for weight loss. Until recently, major prescription diet pills were Sibutramine. Just as Phentermine, it was successfully used for obesity treatment as anorectic in many countries.

In European countries, Sibutramine went on sale as prescription diet pills from Mexico in 1997. In the first years, this anorectic was used as an effective and safe drug for weight loss.

However, since 2002, adverse side effects involving the cardiovascular system are reported more and more often. Considering that a potential risk of using Sibutramine outweighs its benefit, the European

Medicines Agency (EMA) withdrew Sibutramine from the market in 2010.

The maximum period of using Phentermine-based drugs makes three months.

If are extremely obese and you need long-term treatment of obesity, it is possible to use one of the drugs that contain Orlistat – Alli or Xenical.

For weight loss, Orlistat can be continuously used for 4 years.

Prescription diet pills were first approved in 1999 and since then have been successfully used in many countries around the world.

Orlistat is a drug, which reduces fat absorption. It blocks production of enzymes that are responsible for absorption of calories. While using three Orlistat capsules during the day, about one-third fats consumed with food are not digested, but excreted from the body.

If you experience difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules for some reasons, injections can be used for weight loss.

Using injections called Saxenda; you will lose weight and will not have to use tablets or capsules.
Saxenda is a brand name of Liraglutide – anti-diabetic drug, which is used for weight loss since 2014.

Saxenda is an analogue of hormone GLP-1 that is produced in response to food intakes.

After a single Saxenda injection:

  • gastric motility slows down;
  • feeling of fullness and satiety increases in the stomach;
  • insulin concentration is increased, which reduces blood glucose.

Combination drugs can also be used for weight loss.

In 2012, prescription diet pills Qsymia – combination drug containing Phentermine and Topiramate were approved for sale. Clinical trials conducted during a year have demonstrated efficiency of Qsymia in obesity treatment.

Contrave – is another combination drug used for weight loss. Sustained-release prescription diet pills represent combination of opioid antagonist Naltrexone and antidepressant Bupropion.

Approved in 2014, Contrave is still used for weight loss. The duration of the drug use can make more than one year.

Regardless of pharmacological class, none prescription diet pill cannot replace a balanced diet. No matter what drug for weight loss you use, adherence to a diet plan is a prerequisite.

In addition, prescription diet pills that increase metabolism do not exist.

However, regular practice of physical activity increases metabolism, hence, increases effectiveness of any drug for weight loss.

Advantage of prescription diet pills comparing to dietary supplements is that their effectiveness for weight loss is confirmed by clinical trials. In other words, all achievements of evidence-based medicine are used during development of prescription diet pills.