If you are wondering whether you can buy Duromine online without a prescription, the answer is, unfortunately ‘NO’. You may find various sellers from Asia and Singapore, who promise to send you Duromine without a prescription, but once you make the payment, they disappear. If you don’t enjoy being scammed, then don’t risk your money using such unreliable Duromine sources.

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Impact of clinical trials on Duromine price

Clinical studies of drugs for the obesity treatment are the only way for the pharmaceutical companies to prove the safety and efficacy of a new medicinal product. All clinical trials of obesity drugs are held in compliance with strict international rules. Compliance with these rules guarantees people that the results of obesity drugs research are authentic and that the rights of patients, taking part in the study, will be protected.

Besides, clinical studies of weight loss drugs contribute to a higher availability of new treatment options and innovative drugs for obesity, such as Duromine. Clinical research is a costly and lengthy process. It is not surprising that the price of Duromine obesity drug is formed with regard to the cost of clinical trials and ongoing post-marketing studies. The cost of clinical trials on Duromine is a commercial secret of iNova Pharmaceuticals Drug Company (Australia), which produces this medication. The trials were held in several phases. The researchers can move on to each subsequent phase, only when they get positive results in the previous phases of the trials.

The first experimental use of the drug in humans was implemented in a small group of obese patients.

This drug study involved up to 80 participants. Doctors were

  1. examining toxicity,
  2. detecting side effects,
  3. determining the optimal dosage of Phentermine, the active ingredient of Duromine.

The second phase of Duromine clinical trials involved over 100 patients.

This phase was dedicated to a longer and more detailed study of the drug safety profile, depending on Duromine dosage (15mg, 30mg or 40mg of Phentermine). The first comparative study of the drug was also implemented, and implied contrasting the medication with placebo and standard treatment methods (dieting or exercise).

The third phase was the most time-consuming and expensive part of the clinical trials. It involved more than a thousand patients.

Doctors tested the drug on a large number of people with varying obesity degrees for confirming its effectiveness and identifying rare side effects. Positive completion of this phase allowed iNova Pharmaceuticals Company to submit a request for the drug registration. The TGA approved it.

It is clear that the cost of clinical trials for Duromine is very high. Clinical trials require expenses for:

  • Developing or buying the drug formula
  • Paying salaries to medical personnel
  • Maintaining expensive medical laboratory
  • Having facilities and expensive modern equipment to produce the drug components
  • Paying bonuses to top managers

Therefore, the policy of many international medical organizations is directed to price control and its reduction for brand weight loss drugs. Manufacturers of branded products (including Duromine) have to bear high costs, pay for development, advertising, work, idea, etc. So, popular weight loss drugs usually have a high price.

Pharmaceutical industry disposes many weight loss drugs that meet the same quality standards, as the brand products. Often, these drugs have the same medical formula and provide the same pharmacological effect in the obesity treatment.

In fact, many generic drugs are produced in the same factories, as the innovative products. If you are planning to buy Duromine online, and you are willing to lower your expenses for the anti-obesity treatment, you should check out all possibilities for saving, i.e. low prices, various coupons and offers, free delivery and, of course, beneficial prices for brand, generic or alternative Duromine medication.

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