Qsymia for treatment of obesity and comorbid conditions

Qsymia is one of two approved combined drugs for obesity treatment. Qsymia extended-release capsules include two active ingredients:

  • powerful anorectic Phentermine hydrochloride (HCl) used for effective weight loss for more than 55 years
  • anticonvulsant Topiramate, one of the side effects of which is appetite suppression

Use of Qsymia helps to improve appetite control in a patient with excess weight and to change his eating habits.

Such effect of Qsymia helps the patient not only to gradually lose weight, but also to maintain the ideal shape even after completion of drug therapy of obesity.

The mechanism of Qsymia action lies in effective appetite suppression in obese patients:

  1. Phentermine suppresses activity of the hunger center in the hypothalamus due to which you will feel full for a long time even after a small portion of low-calorie food
  2. To date, the exact mechanism of Topiramate action is not established. However, the results of clinical studies confirm that this Qsymia component may increase synthesis of GABA neurotransmitter, which inhibits activity of the CNS and helps to reduce feelings of hunger

In addition, Topiramate and Phentermine mutually potentiate their therapeutic effect that allows to reduce their dose when manufacturing Qsymia. Due to decrease in the dose of the active ingredients, risk of adverse reactions is significantly reduced when using Qsymia capsules.

Indication for prescribing unique slimming capsules Qsymia is the presence of diagnosed:

  1. obesity (IMT≤30)
  2. overweight (BMI> 27) in combination with one or more comorbidities (dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, high blood pressure)

The results of clinical studies confirm that decrease in body weight by 10% or more caused by using

Qsymia is also accompanied with clinically significant reduction of risk and frequency of such obesity-related secondary diseases, as:

  • hypercholesterolemia
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • arterial hypertension

However, when using Qsymia modified release capsules, take into account that they are not intended for treatment of these comorbid conditions.