duromine-reviewDuromine is a psychostimulant that can effectively suppress the appetite and therefore it is used for obesity treatment. Duromine is strong weight loss pills, available with doctor’s prescription only.

Duromine capsules are produced by iNova pharmaceuticals Company. Duromine are delivered in boxes of 3, 7, 30 or 300 capsules each. For patient convenience, capsules of different strength have different color.


Duromine appetite suppressant contains Phentermine active substance combined with resin. Phentermine acts namely in the central nervous system (CNS) and stimulates those brain areas that are responsible for satiety.

Unlike other anorexigenic medications, containing Phentermine, Duromine pills are slowly dissolved in the gastrointestinal tract. Duromine does not cause high levels of Phentermine in the blood plasma, so the effect of these diet pills lasts all day long.


Duromine weight loss pills are for patients older than 12, who were diagnosed obesity (BMI over 30). Moreover, Duromine is prescribed to patients with overweight (BMI 25 to 29.9), who are at high risks of diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia.

Duromine should be used as a part of the weight loss plan. So, when taking these capsules, people should stick to low-calorie diets along with an increase in a physical activity.

According to obesity severity and an overall body state, doctors prescribe capsules of 15mg, 30mg or 40mg dosage. The recommended daily dose is 1 Duromine capsule.


Patients, using the CNS stimulant Duromine, can reduce their body mass by an average of 10%. These results can be achieved in 10-12 weeks. It is not recommended using Duromine over three months in a row.

As most of prescription sympathomimetic amines, Duromine can cause some side effects. The most common Duromine side effects are dry mouth, high blood pressure, emotional instability, dizziness, insomnia and others.

The number of people, wanting to use Duromine pills is constantly increasing because of its efficiency. Before you buy Duromine, you should consult a doctor or nutritionist.