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  1. Been using Duromine before, like 10 years ago and the effects were great for me then, lots of energy, no hunger and incredible focusing abilities. I remember the feeling when everyone else around me seemed to be too slow and silly, not understanding what they need to do and how to do it fast and in the most effective way. Loved the feeling and was actually thinking of taking Duromine for a lot longer than those 3 months allowed, but the effects faded by the end of the course, and all I was getting was the appetite suppression, and it wasn’t even half as strong as in the first month. However, I still loved the way I managed to lose weight with Duromine. I had no problem making healthy foods choices and there was no need to cry over a piece of cake in the evening, because I simply did not feel like having it AT ALL. Self control was amazing! Exercising was a bit of problem during the first couple of weeks due to increased heart rate, then it got a lot better and I started training in the gym 3 times a week. The result of 3 month changes was a loss of 23 kilos, total wardrobe change and a new life with a wonderful man. Over the last year, after a car crash and a leg trauma, gained 10 kilos and since I cannot exercise a lot, getting back on Duromine to lose this weight. wish me luck!

  2. sorry to say that, but Duromine for me was a waste of money. did not feel any different, aside from the dry mouth. no weight loss either

    • It also depends on what you do and what you change in your usual menu and physical activity. If you just had the pill and did not do anything else for weight loss, then you should not expect anything to change, and it’s not the pill to blame.

    • I also had no effects from 15 mg. had to switch to 30mg. costly pills, yes, but once the dose was right, weight was literally falling off with every new day. I also switched to low-carb diet and HIIT trainings. Found them on youtube and also saw some people recommending on by the way, finding you motivation is 50% of success. Read success stories, watch before and after Duromine photos. Find something that will not let you stop fighting.

  3. for an unknown reason, my doc prescribed me with Duromine 40mg immediately. It hit me so hard… palpitations, pain in the chest, insomnia, had to stop the pills. Not sure if I should try a lower dose, have 45 kilos to lose, and nothing else helps. Did anyone try Duromine after such harsh side effects? Should I try using it again? Feeling a bit scared

    • I did not risk trying it then. It was last year. The package’s still on the shelf with minus 2 pills. And I gained more weight during these 8 months, so also wondering if anyone tried using Duromine some time later after having severe side effects. Really need some help with weight loss.

    • why would you get 40mg from the start? It’s the highest dose and usually causes severe reactions. It’s always better to start at least with 30mg. I read that many people begin even with 15mg and for some it is sufficient to lose weight and not suffer from side effects at the same time. Most people, like me, increase the dose to 30mg and remain on it. by starting with 15mg I let my body slowly get used to the drug, and switching to 30mg was not that hard. Yes, a couple of days without sleep and some mild headaches and dizziness, but that’s it. then, just the dry mouth and no hunger whatsoever. I am on 30 for two months already, weight loss great, 13 kilos lost, 8 to go. Better ask your doctor if you should start it again after having such reaction, but my advice is to start at the lowest dose available.

    • I started with 40mg, it was strong but not as bad as your situation. had racing heart during exercises for the first week, so had to switch to walking, until it got better and then again moved to intensive exercises. GP said he gives me the highest dose because of my weight – 133 kg – and my low metabolic rate. I am almost at the end of the course, and just 5 kg away from the double digits. So for me, the dose is right and Duromine did its best! Love these pills, strong but effective, if you do everything right.

  4. Weight loss with Duromine was amazing for me, never before in my life I managed to lose that much weight in just two months – 14 kgs. Unfortunately, that’s just as long as I could bear taking it. side effects really reduced my sex drive and I was literally dead in that respect. If I ever managed to get it up, there was no way I could maintain it hard and standing enough for a sexual intercourse. My partner wasn’t aware that I was taking anything to lose weight and I was not aware of such side effect, so almost ruined my relationship. Luckily, I mentioned having this issue at the doctors, while in visit for a third prescription on Duromine. He gave me a choice – to continue losing weight with no sex for one more month, or to regain my sex life and try to lose weight on my own. I never though it will be so difficult for me to refuse a pill – it took me some time to realize that if it is already that hard to refuse it, I definitely should stop. It’s obvious that I stopped, and now I am doing my best to maintain weight loss regime through the same dieting and exercising. The rate of weight loss got lower, but I am still losing and getting healthier and stronger. Libido and ability to maintain an erection came back, so all good. I say, if you’re truly willing to lose weight and stay slim, you need to change everything that you are used to, and not just take the pill and sit and wait for miracles to happen, because it does not work like that.

    • I agree, just if you change it all, it will help you. I keep seeing comments that it did not work, and when it comes to describing the weight loss regime that those ‘unsuccessful’ Duromine users followed, turns out that they weren’t doing anything at all, but having the pill in the morning. Why on earth people don’t understand that you need to introduce some efforts, at least for the sake of not getting back to binging after the end of the course, remembering how many efforts you put into losing your weight. I did not have a massive loss on Duromine – just 11 kilos in three months, but I maintained this weight for 6 months after, and then started losing it further on my own. If I did not watch myself, I would have definitely gained it all back. It’s not a quick fix.

    • That’s odd. My sex drive rocketed when I was on Duromine. My husband was hiding from me lol. I didn’t mind high libido, as I like this “physical activity” and I think it also contributed to some of the weight loss that I achieved. The only bad thing that Duromine gave me was insomnia and nervousness. I guess, the two are related pretty much – if you don’t get enough sleep, you become nervous. Also had some occasional mood swings, which was pretty weird. I am a happy person, and crying over something stupid was so not like me. but these were not extreme as unbearable, so for me it was all worth it. three months and a new me, with minus 25 kilos. Now it’s my turn to hide from my husband. Definitely, a woman’s look does affect the libido of her partner. Good luck everybody, make good choices and stay active – that’s the road to health and youth!

    • I thought I was becoming deadwood and did not connect this condition with Duromine at all. Did not see anywhere any info on its effect on libido. Now I know. I think I should start. Hope everything gets back to normal. So sorry I can’t keep taking it, lost 8 kilos in two weeks

  5. If you want to begin using Duromine, you need to find a supportive and attentive doctor, so that your health is constantly monitored in a very careful way. These pills are very strong and can cause a different response on different stages. If you don’t notice anything negative happening inside of you, regular health checks can help your doctor make a correct decision about the reasonability of further use of Duromine.
    Before getting on these pills I had a slightly high BP, and in a month and a half on 15 mg it got too high and I had to stop the drug. If anyone asks me about the desire to keep using them, the answer is ‘yes, I want to continue’. The weight loss became a walk in the forest. With Duromine, everything I tried before to achieve a weight loss started working, and I was losing great in kgs and in cms. In two weeks, by blood pressure got back to its normal slightly high limit, and I am trying to find another doctor to get a new prescription, as the weight is still to far from perfect and I won’t be able to achieve it without duro.

    • Also looking for a doctor that will prescribe, not many are happy to give you this drug. Why? It is not worse than any other strong meds, intended for various health conditions. Read the list of side effects for your flu or allergy med and it’s pretty terrifying. Doesn’t make any sense!!!

    • I was lucky to go through the entire three month course without any jumps in my blood pressure. In fact, it even decreased, so I was feeling drowsy and dizzy at some days. I really needed to eat sufficiently, otherwise I would fall. But thanks to Duromine I managed to stick to healthy food choices, which allowed me to lose 12 kilos in three months. Of course, loss during the first month was the highest – 7 kg, then I lost 3 kg, and just 2 kg during the last month, but I also think this is due to increase in exercises. When we lose fat we lose weight, but when we exercise – we gain muscles, and these are heavier than the fat, so if you exercise sufficiently, you might see weight stagnation, while your body will be changing significantly in volumes and shape.

    • If your doctor says don’t take Duromine, then don’t take it. what are you ready to risk to lose weight? I did not have any problems with its use and the weight loss was fantastic. But if my doc said no, I would stay away from this med.

  6. Popped third 30mg pill this morning and it’s my first time taking Duromine. I read all the horrible and all the wonderful stories that I could find on the Internet, which made me both excited to start and horrified to get any severe side effect. for now, the only severe one I have is the cotton mouth. I drink, drink drink and feel like I am about to blow. Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with thirst besides drinking water? Another unpleasant reaction is insomnia. I am not a great sleeper anyway, so was particularly worried of this side effect, and it did hit me hard. In two days, I had about 2 hours of sleep in total. However, I do not feel tired, just a little light headed. I did not get the appetite suppression everyone’s talking about. I do get hungry during the day, however it takes about 2 spoons of food and I feel like I’m about to blow. So I get satiated very quickly, which is good, I think. Wish me luck and I wish good luck to all of you going through the same battle.

    • Thanks girl! Good luck to you too! Feeling any better with the insomnia? Went away in 5 days when I started the course, but it was hard, I love my beauty sleep lol Though I am happy that I did not quite and went all the way through – weight loss of 18 kgs was my reward. Still need to lose 15 kgs, but I plan on having a second course and losing these too.

    • Where did you guys buy Duromine? I can’t get a prescription for it and want to know if I can get it without a prescription. May be someone here has some left Duromine that you don’t need. I am willing to buy.

    • I also thought that I should feel no hunger at all, but was feeling hungry and getting satiated faster than usually. Then read on that it is possible to get this kind of appetite suppression, and it’s even better like that, because you don’t need to remind yourself to eat, and it is your hunger that reminds you.

  7. When I started on Duromine, my weight was a little below 100 kg, and that was one and half year after my pregnancy. I ended the course at 83 kg, and even though I did switch to occasional takeaways due to my life situation, I still find myself craving often for healthy meals, like cottage cheese with apples and cinnamon, or wholewheat toast with a poached egg and some avocado. Even writing these makes my mouth water. So I believe that these 12 weeks helped me change my eating habits substantially. In addition, I got a pool membership and do my best to swim at least 3 times a week with one PT session in the gym. So far, all looks good, and even though I stumble along the way with some wrong food, I managed to maintain my weight. still have some to lose to become my own pretty self, but I know now that it’s not going to be so difficult. Duromine did become the kick start that I needed to achieve some good results, and I never treated it like short term fix. You need to understand that you will gain weight after any diet or weight loss program if you start pigging out and forget everything you did to achieve your new weight. It’s as simple as that. Think, stay focused and don’t let food become your master.

  8. I recently got a script for duromine, my doctor thinks it will help get me back on track with my weight. I Quit smoking and got the implanon about 8 months ago, and put on about 7 kg ( i had lost 15 before that).
    Since putting on the weight, i CAN NOT LOSE IT. I started a new job where i am constantly moving and active, i have been jogging/running 3 times a week in the morning (or trying to, its hard when the place is flooding!)
    I eat healthy, i do have the occasional treat etc but 6 days of the week we eat good food and but still nothing. My weight hasnt budged.

    I just wanted to hear peoples experiences. The Pros and cons of taking it. Ive heard it makes you moody… the implanon already makes me moody during my “time of the month”
    Ive also considered getting the implanon taken out but it was inserted very deep, and im worried about missing work to have it cut out.

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