sleep-apneaObesity violates functions of many organs and systems in the human body. In fact, when a person gains weight, his respiratory system is violated. Usually, respiratory disorders occur during sleep. They are accompanied by asthma attacks and difficult breathing when you sleep. Such disorders are called sleep apnea.

Treatment of people with sleep apnea should be initiated with rational eating and increase in physical activity. If a non-drug therapy of obesity led to weight loss by less than 5-10% of the initial body weight within three months, Duromine weight loss drug is included into it.

Duromine slimming pills are designed for a short treatment course of obesity, combined with regular sports and a low-calorie diet. Duromine is prescribed to people, who have BMI 25 or higher. A regular use of Duromine diet pills within 12 weeks allows to reduce the weight by 10-15% of the initial body mass.

As clinical studies show, during weight loss by means of Duromine nasal breathing is improved. Reduction of fat in the body improves the airway patency. Weight loss in people taking Duromine pills:

  • Restores diaphragm position
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Increases the level of oxygen in the body

Weight loss and improved respiratory functions in people taking Duromine improves the blood circulation and increases the depth of breathing. Duromine anti-obesity therapy reduces the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia significantly.

Weight loss during anti-obesity therapy by means of Duromine normalizes metabolic functions of the body. It is a fact that weight gain in the body of an obese person violates carbohydrate, lipid and purine metabolism, as well as increases the blood pressure. Duromine diet pills not only reduces the body mass, but also improves the metabolic syndrome.

Along with a decrease of fat in the body while on Duromine pills, tissue sensitivity to insulin is increased. In fact, an improved tolerance to glucose reduces the risk of diabetes and normalizes the carbohydrate metabolism.

Improved lipid metabolism in people taking Duromine weight loss pills is characterized by a decrease of triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins and an increase of high-density lipoproteins. While people lose weight with the help of Duromine anti-obesity therapy, the level of total cholesterol reduces. Improvement of lipid metabolism reduces the risk of dyslipidemia significantly.

Along with Duromine diet pills, doctors prescribe to obese people suffering from sleep apnea some procedures that can ease nasal breathing. To prevent respiratory disorders during sleep, doctors recommend to do some exercises to relieve snoring and increase the muscle tone of the upper respiratory tract. These exercises can be combined with the use of Duromine weight loss pills safely.

People can improve their breathing during sleep while on Duromine pills, by keeping a right position of the head towards the body. It is possible that to restore breathing during sleep, doctors will prescribe some tonics or intraoral devices in combination with Duromine slimming pills.

After the termination of Duromine treatment course, doctors recommend to keep to a diet and lead an active life. This helps to save a normal weight and to prevent a regain of weight. Obesity is a chronic disease; therefore, it has to be controlled constantly.