Where to buy Duromine in Malaysia

buy duromine in malaysia

 - Updated on August 5, 2022

The great news for every person, who wants to know where to buy Duromine in Malaysia, is that Duromine is legal in Malaysia. Therefore, you can buy it at the local pharmacies. Of course, you always have the chance to buy Duromine online. The only thing that you need to get your pills, no matter which option you choose, is to find a doctor that prescribed Duromine and to convince him that you are a suitable candidate to use it.

Of course, you will not get Duromine prescribed if you don’t fall within the allowed age category (12-65 years). If you are not overweight or obese, you will also not get a prescription for Duromine. Several other factors will also influence the doctor’s decision on prescribing this appetite suppression to you, like your blood pressure, heart rate, health condition and readiness to stick to a diet and exercising plan.

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