Who shouldn’t take Duromine

shouldnt take duromine

 - Updated on August 9, 2022

Before you make up your mind on buying Duromine or even asking your doctor to issue a script for Duromine, you should understand who shouldn’t take Duromine. If you fall within any of these categories, better discuss with your doctor other ways to lose unwanted fat.

1. So, if you are not overweight or obese, i.e. your BMI is within the normal range, it is very unlikely that you are prescribed Duromine, because this medication is intended namely for these categories of people.

2. Other categories of people, who shouldn’t take Duromine, include kids aged less than 12 years, and the elderly at the age of 65 or younger with severe kidney or liver disorders.

Of course, it is unlikely that an 11 y.o. kid walks into the doctor’s office and asks for Duromine, so this information is mainly for the parents. Before your child reaches the age of 12, he will not be given Duromine. In the meantime, you might work together with him over improving the family eating and exercising habits, which will improve overall health of the entire family and help your child avoid obesity and its serious consequences.

3. Moving on from two vulnerable categories of people to another really vulnerable group, which shouldn’t take Duromine, namely people with current or a history of mental illnesses or drug/alcohol addiction.

Anything that has to do with serious mental issues can be aggravated with the use of Duromine, and instead of losing weight you might be needing to fight your long forgotten anxiety and smoking addiction. Besides, if your weight is induced by a mental issue, you are very unlikely to solve it permanently by using Duromine without getting help from a professional psychiatrist. If this is your case, fight excessive weight on all fronts.

4. People with serious health conditions, which are included in the list of contraindications for Duromine use, shouldn’t take Duromine or will need a thorough checkup of their health condition during the entire Duromine course with appropriate dose adjustment and strict observance of doctor’s recommendations.

Medications that you are already taken, be it all the time or at times, even some herbal teas and supplements, might be a contraindication to the use of Duromine. So, to avoid any serious consequences from the interaction of Duromine with your medications, always tell your doctor or pharmacist what other meds you are on.

5. Last but definitely not the least important, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

When it comes to your own health, you have the right to do anything you want. When you are already responsible for a new life, you need to take the best care of your physical and mental health and strictly monitor what enters your body. Keep in mind that Duromine is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Moreover, it is advised to stop trying to conceive during the course of Duromine. You don’t feel that you are pregnant from the very moment of conception, and you might continue taking this CNS stimulant while already being pregnant, which is, as you know, not recommended.

So, to avoid worries, focus on the currently main goal of losing weight, use reliable contraception, and then, 72 hours after the administration of the very last Duromine pill, proceed with your attempts to conceive a baby.

Resources for reference: New Zealand Duromine *PDF | Consumer Medicine Information *PDF

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