Will Duromine harm my baby?

Let’s consider every situation, in which one can ask “Will Duromine harm my baby?”

The most obvious is a pregnant woman, who found out that she is pregnant while using Duromine. Online reviews of women in different situations do not give a clear and single answer, since some report of a healthy pregnancy after Duromine, a healthy child, a happy mother, while others report of miscarriage at an early stage. The latter might be linked to Duromine use, or might not be, since some of women with miscarriage on Duromine also reported of having one or more miscarriages before or after getting pregnant during a Duromine course.

Clinical trials of Duromine safety were not held in pregnant women, just in animals. Even though there was a low rate of incidence of fetal malformations, there is no proof that the same will happen in human fetus, so there is basically no information.

  • Therefore, the manufacturer recommends to avoid Duromine use during pregnancy and stop taking it immediately when you find out that you got pregnant.

Moving forward to breastfeeding women, who also want to know “will Duromine harm my baby?”, if I take it while breastfeeding my baby.

  • The same, no trials were held to find out the safety of Duromine use during breastfeeding, so it is contraindicated to use it, unless you switch your baby to infant formula or wean your child from breastfeeding.

A mother of an adolescent, aged 12 to 18, accompanying her child at a visit to the prescribing physician will also ask “will Duromine harm my baby?”, and the doctor should explain all the risks of Duromine use, as well as possible consequences of childhood obesity. The doctor should carefully assess the adolescent’s health condition and take a competent decision about the reasonability of Duromine use in people of such age. Unpredictable character of Duromine action only allows the doctor to try and calm down the mother and hope that the course goes nice and smooth.

Any mother of a child of any age might read multiple online Duromine reviews and wonder “will Duromine harm my baby?”, because it’s a natural thing to worry about your child, no matter how old he is. What you can do to help your baby using Duromine, if that is the case, is to give him your support, assistance in improving his activity levels, as well as appreciation of his efforts, aimed at improving his physical appearance and overall health.

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